What Is Performance Testing?

Performance testing involves examining the responsiveness, speed and stability of an application, and ensures that a computer, device, network, or software application performs as expected while under specific workload conditions. A strong performance testing strategy includes tests that evaluate the reliability, processing speed, data transfer rate, throughput, network-bandwidth, and affordable load limit through various performance testing activities like load testing, stress testing, scalability testing, and many more.


Smart Quality's Performance Testing Services

Smart Quality's performance testing experts have experience of completing all types of performance testing services including high-demand services such as stress testing and load testing services by creating a customized plan for each client based on the unique testing needs. No matter what the client’s industry is, be it healthcare, legal or eCommerce, our testing experts have extensive expertise and domain knowledge to serve clients across different industry verticals. Below are a few of the most common performance testing solutions we provide to our clients.

Load Testing

Test the application’s ability to handle certain amounts of data

Scalability Testing

Test software’s ability to scale up or scale down according to its non-functional capability

Soak Testing

Test a system’s performance with the typical production load for a prolonged period to validate functionality

Resilience Testing

Evaluate the application’s performance under stress or chaotic conditions

Endurance Testing

Test the application’s capability to endure huge data loads for prolonged periods

Stress Testing

Check software for robustness by testing it beyond the limits of normal operation

Configuration Testing

Ensure that the system is supporting all hardware and software configurations

Capacity testing

Check application’s ability to handle traffic without compromising UX

Volume Testing

Check system performance under increased data volumes in the database

Spike Testing

Test the software's capability to handle sudden fluctuations (increase or decrease) in traffic

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